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Ford CVT Transmissions for Sale

The constantly variable transmission technology used in modern automobile manufacturing is a concept taken from the agricultural industry. Many tractors and other non-motor vehicles have use this alternative transmission type successfully to power small and large engines. Ford Motor Company is one of the examples of automakers that have currently adopted the CVT technology for some of its vehicles. There are different editions of Ford CVT transmissions for sale direct on this website.

The initial concept of the CVT gearbox is to provide automatic gear ratio selection apart from input from drivers. The manual transmission requires actual driver input to switch gears. The automatic transmissions rely on the torque converter for power during automated shifting. The CVT is able to function automatically and preserve fuel ratios to allow each motor to operate at full functionality. The constantly variable transmissions available at Powertrain Pros are rebuilt units.

Remanufactured CVT Transmissions: Chain-Drive Units

Ford is one of the automakers that adopted a chain driven transmission style for some of its vehicles while testing the reliability of the CVT builds. The Freestyle, Ford Five Hundred and Montego in the Mercury brand have each included the chain-drive builds. Optional belt driven systems were utilized for C-Max editions. These units are secondary types of builds now common in some hybrid vehicles. Buying these as remanufactured units is easy using this resource online.

Warranties are one of the issues in the secondary parts market in the United States. Some retailers do not currently apply warranty coverage to parts and accessories. This leaves consumers with few options when repairs are required after installations. The company warranty policies permit an unlimited term of mileage for a period of 24 months after purchase. This period is designed to offer long-term coverage for internal and external components. The rebuilt CVT automotive transmissions featured here are built by hand using the top machinery available in the auto industry.

Ford CVT Transmissions for Sale Prices

All pricing that is currently available for remanufactured Ford CVT gearboxes is delivered in two ways. The first way is to utilize the dedicated research tool on this page. This automated system is updated daily with all inventory prices. This system makes it simple to locate any transmission price by answering simple questions. The year of each vehicle, make and engine size are common questions that are offered to help match transmission pricing. All automated quotes are accurate and include ordering information.

The toll-free telephone number listed on this resource is the second method that transmission buyers can utilize for discovering all remanufactured transmissions pricing. A staff of helpful support specialists contribute to the price quotations and information delivered when using this phone quotes method. Every rebuilt Powertrain Pros transmission featured in the company inventory is ready for installation into nearly any U.S. produced vehicle brand.