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Ford AODE Transmission for Sale

Many of the auto industry firsts in the past 30 years have been created by Ford Motor Company. The automatic overdrive transmission in four-speed builds was launched in 1980. This series continues to set the bar for transmission manufacturing for overdrive units. The gear ratios used in this build provide stability and assurance in all applications. You can find this Ford AODE transmission for sale right here online. These are rebuilt by our talented staff of specialists.

The Ford LTD was the first vehicle to receive the newly created AOD transmission. This was one of the popular editions used up until the 1988 year in its original condition. This unit was revamped in the early 1990s as the AODE. This is the unit you’ll find here for sale. These were builds used to compete with the General Motors company builds released during the same time period. The four-speed quality that is placed in each OEM build is found in our recycled Ford transmission units.

Vehicles Using the Ford AODE Transmission

Because Ford creates technology rapidly, there are not hundreds of vehicle brands that use the AODE electronic controls. This was originally created for the Lincoln builds specifically the Town Car. The powertrain control module was one of the features that were unique to this early 1990 build. Apart from the Lincoln Town Car, the F-Series, E-Series, Mustang, Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria all made use of the electronic controlled AODE transmission.

The remanufactured inventory that is found for sale here is excellent. Our team does a great job internally building these units. The facility upgrades that have been added keep our inventory in great shape. We won’t put our name behind something that is inferior. When it comes to recycled Ford gearboxes, the Powertrain Pros company spares no expense for customers. The acquisitions of units as well as the testing that is involved prove the usefulness of each rebuilt four-speed build.

Ford AODE Transmission for Sale Pricing

You deserve to not pay a lot for a transmission. Replacing a unit is stressful. Paying too much for a rebuild can ruin your hopes of an affordable replacement. Our team has developed one of the first quote system available online. Use the simple form on this page to request a price. The rebuilt AODE inventory that we feature is priced this way. You can even call by phone if you prefer. One of our staff will help you immediately. We’re able to generate near wholesale pricing due to our factory direct rebuilding facility. Get your transmission installed professionally and save money during the process.