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F4AEL Transmission Rebuilt

If you need a F4AEL automatic transmission, come here to buy one. We restore these back to the factory specs for any Ford, Kia or Mazda vehicle. Our four-speed inventory is certainly second to no other company. We employ experts who have the sole job of following automaker guidelines for restoration of gearboxes. Buy an F4AEL transmission rebuilt online.

F4AEL Fits These Cars

Anyone who has never purchased a transmission assembly can feel confused. There are tag numbers, stamps and OEM vendor codes that are all different. How do you identify a model number? We will make it easy. Jatco in cooperation with Mazda built the F4AEL. It is called the F4EAT by Ford Motor Company. Regardless of the SKU number, it is the same product.

The following automobiles will accept our remanufactured inventory:

– Sephia
– Spectra
– Rio
– Capri
– Protege
– Escort
– ZX2

A lockup torque converter is always included in the original housing. A differential was added to the global design. The fourth-gear is an overdrive gear. Computer controls are prevalent inside of the rebuilt F4AEL that we retail here.

Restored Gearbox Warranties

Since people buy directly through our warehouse, we feel it is a must to provide a warranty. We like to show off our work. All of the bands, brakes, gaskets, bushings and pressure plates that are inside of the complete assembly are protected. This is a sigh of relief for automobile owners. The term of coverage is something that we are proud to supply.

Something can go wrong in the period of time after installation and use. That is no problem. The parts and labor are always covered under our company agreement. There are a couple of things we do not extend parts protection for. These are laid out in our documents.

Buy Refurbished F4AEL Transmissions

Ordering right on this page is simple. First, it helps to know what you will pay. You can do this by entering our computer and tabulating the MSRP. The featured discount along with freight information is given to you. When you are ready to place an order, do so through our shopping cart. You can also call us by phone.

We rebuild import and domestic automatic and manual transmissions. Our clients include American body shops, Canadian car service centers and men and women who own vehicles. The same price point is given to all of our customers. No wholesale pricing is needed.