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E4OD Transmission Rebuilt

The C6 transmission is the base that Ford Motor Company used to develop its 1980s transmissions technology. New electronics were offered in the automotive industry and automakers were exploring fully automated gearbox controls. Ford produced several new technologies after the 1980 year and introduced its E4OD for the 1989 production year. This unit can be purchased using this resource online. The Powertrain Pros company is one of a few online offering E4OD transmission rebuilt inventory for cheap prices.

The E-Series vans like the Econoline received the first installations of the new four-speed electronic gearboxes from Ford. The Econoline is one of the vehicles that successfully used the E4OD transmission for a decade before the 4R100 series was introduced for the larger series engines in production. Purchasing a completely remanufactured electronic controlled gearbox from this resource ensures that quality is present. A rebuild provides a lot of value compared to previously owned assemblies.

Rebuilt Ford Automatic Transmissions for Sale

The automatic transmission is one of the top builds produced by Ford Motor Company in the U.S. While standard gearboxes are still in production, it is the technologies found in the auto controlled assemblies that are most desired by car owners. Every remanufactured gearbox that is produced inside the Powertrain Pros facility is engineered to match OEM requirements. This guarantees that every unit is ready for vehicle installations. Builders who know the specs of each transmission can accurately test each completed build for errors.

The testing phase for every E4OD automatic transmission begins with electronic measurements. This method of testing provides a huge advantage over the standard visual inspections many previously owned inventory retailers provide. Measuring the performance of a transmission and calibration of the compression help to inform testers if leaks or other issues are present. The recycled transmissions that are found directly in the Ford inventory at this company are paired up with warranty protection. It is these warranties that are providing up to 24 months of parts coverage that features unlimited mileage.

E4OD Transmission Rebuilt Prices

Buyers do not have to save up a bunch of money just to replace a transmission. The prices that are listed on this resource are affordable for every buyer. No corners are cut when remanufacturing replacement gearboxes although price decreases are regular with the inventory supplied here. Every reconditioned transmission price is distributed on this page. The tool at the top of all pages on this site is used by buyers to find pricing.

Rebuilt transmission buyers can use the toll-free telephone number listed on this page as an alternative to the online generation of price quotes. This number is directly linked to specialists providing immediate customer service and answers to questions offline. The company pays for each toll-free call potential buyers make to discover transmission pricing offline. Buying replacement gearboxes from a reconditioned source is a cost saving measure most buyers appreciate.

More Rebuilt Ford Transmissions

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