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E40D Remanufactured Transmission

E40D is an automatic transmission by Ford that can be rebuilt for sale to consumers. The four gear models that were placed into production for the first time in 1989 were way ahead of their time. As the first to use electronic computer controls, these assemblies were installed into numerous heavy-duty vehicles. You can buy an E40D remanufactured transmission at a lower price using this PTP website.

The specs of this gearbox are not overshadowed by a lot of different ratios. The gearing is simple to understand. A 2.71:1 geared system works perfectly with the overdrive technology. Similar to the C6, there are planetary gear sets that are installed. The Econoline, Bronco and Expedition are some of the vehicles that once held the E40D transmission.

Rebuilt from the Ground Up

When a used gearbox is acquired, it is hard to tell what the internal condition looks like. After a correct disassembly, a technician is able to determine if regular MERCON fluid was changed on a regular schedule. The parts are very delicate inside and do fail from time to time. The reconditioning is what restores each assembly to working condition again.

Powertrain Pros has rebuilt E40D transmission units in stock. These units are ready, upon delivery, to install in a compatible vehicle. The accuracy of a compression test is the only way to determine if fluid leaks are happening. On the more expensive models, this can make or break the functionality of the gearbox.

Warranty for Ford Parts

Any component that is OEM or a Ford aftermarket replacement is expected to work correctly. There are times when unexpected problems happen that deter the use of any automatic four-speed transmission. PTP has a basic parts warranty policy that clearly states what will be protected and repaired if necessary when issues take place.

This is the type of coverage that is similar to what a dealership might supply during the first few years of ownership of a new motor vehicle. When dealing with second hand products, there is always a level of risk that cannot be ignored. The policies that are underwritten are base plans that are available to any consumer shopping here.

Order Refurbished Ford Gearboxes

A well-trained worker is the only person who takes apart an assembly and puts one back together. Decades of real life auto industry experience has been earned by the very staff rebuilding the units distributed in the USA. To place orders here, a quote process will allow someone to review the MSRP and a verified discount.

Orders are accepted over the phone by calling the number shown here. Clearing up any inconsistencies with VIN numbers and ID tags is easy with a phone call. Let our team work with you to get you the best price or a price drop for one of your customers. We are experts. Shipments up to Canada are welcome.