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Dodge Caravan Rebuilt Transmission

Five generations of the Dodge Caravan have been produced for the U.S. market. The 1984 introduction of this minivan in the Dodge lineup changed the way that passenger vans were produced going forward. A number of different transmission types have been utilized inside the Caravan. Buying a Dodge Caravan rebuilt transmission is a simple process using the Powertrain Pros company as a provider. Each rebuild is factory built unit ready for U.S. shipments.

A portion of the gearboxes that have been used with the Caravan includes A460, A604, 41TE and several three-speed units no longer in production. Chrysler used three, four and five-speed transmissions throughout the length of production for the Caravan in the United States. A mixture of automatic and manual builds were experimented with during the stages of production. Because the Caravan is still in use, finding replacement transmissions is not a difficult process using trusted resources like this one online.

Rebuilt Dodge Gearboxes for Sale Online

The quality of a transmission is based on a combination of internal and external condition. Parts that appear to be great on the outside might be terrible on the inside. This process of remanufacturing a transmission is designed to remove the fear with purchasing replacement units. The use of used units is one strategy that some dealers use to entice buyers seeking a unit for sale. Used units that are reconditioned from the ground up to provide operation that is similar to a like-new condition gearbox.

Both manual transmissions and automatic transmissions for the Dodge Caravan are built here for resale. These units are based around the original TorqueFlite gearboxes designed in the early 1980s. While technologies have changed, what has not changed is the OEM specs that van owners demand. Chrysler, through its Dodge builds, has solidified a reputation in the automotive industry. The Caravan is one of many vehicles that used a combination of transmissions during the range of production. Buying rebuilt is definitely a way to reduce costs for replacing a defective gearbox.

Dodge Caravan Rebuilt Transmission Quotes

All quotations in price begin with a submission on this website. The programmed form that is featured on each page is capable of providing immediate pricing. A simple set of data is asked by this quotation form to return the current sale pricing to buyers. Basic information that includes the year of a vehicle, the manufacturer and type of engine is requested. A VIN number can be used as a matching identifier when selecting the appropriate rebuilt transmission for sale. A toll-free phone number is also provided for any person to use who requires immediate phone assistance. All pricing, two-year warranty details or shipment information is provided through the use of each quotes method used. The reconditioned automatic and manual gearbox assemblies featured here online are ready for instant U.S. shipments.