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Clutch Transmission for Sale

The standard or manual transmissions were used heavily until the early 1980s. The use of a clutch based component with a standard transmission provided the manual shifting of gears. The use of automatic transmissions changed the way that a clutch was positioned for use with an automobile. Locating clutch parts and accessories is tiresome for some buyers. The variety of clutch transmission for sale inventory on this website is expected to takea way any frustrations when buying car parts online.

There is more than one automaker using a clutch style transmission in the U.S. Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep and some foreign brands rely on multiple clutch based assemblies. A standard clutch system is the most basic form for a manual gearbox. These consist of a pedal that is depressed to achieve the desired gear ratio during operation. Some auto companies have developed what are known as dual-clutch versions. While these are similar to manual gearboxes, there is no actual pedal to depress. The Powertrain Pros resource is an excellent research tool for multiple clutch transmission brands.

Auto Clutch Transmission Parts and Service Warranty

We’re a rebuilding company. This means that all parts and assemblies that are purchased are remanufactured here. The facility engineering process that we use enables our company to extend warranty protection. A standard automotive parts warranty is between one year and three years in length. These usually do not cover mistakes in craftsmanship after a certain period of time. All of the rebuilds that are distributed through our facility are packed with a two-year protection plan. These are essential when replacing any part or component.

A good warranty is an essential part of replacement auto parts purchases. The clutch transmissions and automatic transmissions for sale here give variety. Does your clutch have springs or sensors? The units we’re featuring in rebuilt condition give access to multiple styles. The most popular OEM units are currently listed on this website for sale. The clutch versions that are offered include 3-speed, 4-speed, 5-speed and some specialty editions. The Powertrain Pros company is a trusted rebuilders of clutch and clutch-free gearboxes.

Clutch Transmission for Sale Price Quotes

Do you need to buy a stick shift transmission? What we start out with here is a quote system. The technologies that are in place here are meant for ease of customer use. We offer a direct method customer service by using our toll-free number. It is this number that is called by the public when pricing or other information is requested. You can try it out right now. If you’re into online quotes, you’ll appreciate our transmission quotes system. We only ask for gearbox basics and generate a price direct on this website. Take a moment and contact our staff. Get the clutch gearbox or parts that you need to have an error-free installation.