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Chevy 700R4 Transmission

General Motors produced its variant of the turbo-hydramatic transmission known as the 700R4 in 1982. The four-speed automatic transmission was a step forward in technology for GM and helped to introduce the Chevy brand to a new transmission. While this gearbox was used in other vehicles, it is most associated with Chevrolet brands of vehicles in the U.S. market. The original builds of the Chevy 700R4 transmission that are rebuilt here provide OEM value to buyers in all 50 U.S. states.

Most of the GM produced trucks and SUVs in the early 1980s featured the 700R4. These units were one of the most in demand vehicle assemblies until the 1992 year. The start of the pre-millenium decade signaled the end of the 700R4 gearbox as the world knew it. The digital controls that were added in the renamed 4L60E edition trumped the standard automatic technology offered in the original turbo-hydramatic builds. The remanufactured gearboxes for Chevy vehicles found here are nearly indistinguishable apart from mileage when compared to a new unit.

Automatic Four-Speed Transmissions Rebuilt

Not all auto parts customers are familiar with the concept of rebuilding transmissions. Most dealers that resell the gearboxes found here supply customers with a trusted unit. Truck owners or SUV owners performing a DIY changeout to a rebuilt transmission can have questions about the quality. The remanufactured editions that are featured inside the warehouse inventory sold here are meant to please each buyer. What is supplied is a unit that has been restored to function as new without the super high price. Instead of buying straight from GM dealers, the automatic four-speed transmissions here help a lot of customers save money.

A warranty is an important piece of documentation when owning any secondary market auto part. The General Motors original warranties that were were supplied with the 700R4 builds found for sale here are extended for another two years. This means that the transmission rebuilds completed here give an extra two years of coverage. The installation and the period afterwards are usually when a problem will surface. When compared to a used unit, a remanufactured Chevrolet transmission covered with the two-year warranties supplied is the best choice. All warranty coverage is supplied at no extra cost to buyers.

Chevy 700R4 Transmissions Price Quotes

Discovering pricing is not a difficult task to complete here. There are actually two methods that customers have available when requesting pricing for a reconditioned transmission. The first is to call the toll-free number in place designed for instant distribution of pricing or answers to transmission questions. Company staff fields all telephone calls about our inventory each day. The second method of price distribution is making a request using the tools provided here online. A transmission specialist reviews all requests for pricing and generates the current sale price as well as cost of shipping.