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Chevrolet 400 Transmission Rebuilt

The classic turbo hydra-matic General Motors produced transmissions included the 400 series. These TH400 editions were produced in the 1964 year and remained in production until late 1980s. These infamous three-speed gearboxes are still in demand as replacements for many GM vehicles. Locating a Chevrolet 400 transmission rebuilt here at Powertrain Pros is easy. These standard builds are in stock ready for shipment inside the U.S.

General Motors changed the part numbers for most of its classic inventory in the 1990s. This affected many of the early transmission builds that were being phased out. Buyers who are generally unable to find a TH400 series gearbox can still find the 3L80 series. These newer additions do include optional electronic controls although they preserve the original legacy of the turbo hydra-matic builds. All remanufactured GM transmissions found on this resource provide authenticity.

Cheap TH400 Transmissions for Sale

There are a lot of methods that companies use to price replacement transmissions. One of the most common methods is the standard retailer markup. Many automotive distributors provide 40 percent discounts to trade industry companies reselling transmissions. Most companies sell at the full retail price regardless of the condition of each unit. A cheap gearbox is not always a component that features value. Every gearbox that is reconditioned in the U.S. is considered a like-new assembly similar to new dealership builds.

The TH400 Chevy transmission inventory featured on this resource is produced to please buyers. The current network of customers purchasing the replacement transmissions available includes average GM vehicle owners and trade companies. The reconditioned units that are purchased through this resource each include warranty policies that are figured in the selling price. This extends value as well as quality for each gearbox meant for installation. All classic Chevy 400 gearboxes featured here also receive same day shipment processing.

TH400 Rebuilt Gearbox Price Quotes

Every page on this resource features a customized auto quote system. It is this system that is designed for easy distribution of sticker pricing. Because there are many different forms of pricing, online, each quote that is offered here is prepared by specialists. The information that is entered into the quotation form is used to validate the price of each transmission.

A toll-free customer support option is offered by phone. A person who is unable to generate immediate price quotations for replacement General Motors transmissions here online can call toll-free. This support is offered as an optional method of learning the remanufactured gearbox pricing offered to every buyer in the North American market. All OEM built transmission units that are shipped in the U.S. feature the mark of quality from this resource.