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A904 Transmission for Sale

The TorqueFlite transmissions produced by Chrysler since the 1960s have been modified as technology has been introduced. The A904 transmission was one of the key components in the early days of Chrysler and has benefited from the engineering from multiple decades. This gearbox was originally designed for V6 engines and was called the the TorqueFlite 6. Locating an A904 transmission for sale using this resource is an easy process.

The 904 Chrysler transmission was adapted to Jeep vehicles in the 1980s. This three-speed automatic unit is one of the remanufactured units available on this Powertrain Pros resource online. These units are built for placement in 2WD and 4WD vehicles. The Jeep Cherokee and the Wrangler are two popular models that have used different variations of the A904 in recent years. These units are immediately available from the Chrysler inventory searchable on this resource.

Rebuilt A904 Automatic Transmission

The Jeeps built from 1984 to 2002 heavily featured the late model builds of the A904 gearbox. These automatic units are professionally rebuilt inside the Powertrain Pros facility. An inspection process is used for each rebuilt transmission to validate the build before shipment. This can include checking for leaks, abrasive noises, high temperature readings and leaking seals. Every OEM transmission that is remanufactured for public sale is validated through this process for each customer.

The A904 is sometimes referred to as the 30RH in new vehicles. These two models are interchangeable and provide the performance that vehicle owners need to maintain reliability. All original units that are featured in the inventory presented here are recycled from used blocks. While the mileage can never be removed from each transmission, the inspection process provided as well as the building skills of each engineer certifies the final build. All Jeep and Chrysler applications of the A904 automatic transmissions are guaranteed with a two-year warranty.

A904 Transmission for Sale Prices

Each reconditioned transmission for sale on this Powertrain Pros resource is quoted in price online or offline. Buyers using this resource can request instant pricing on this page. The tools presented here are available for any person to access immediately. Inputting the year and make of each vehicle is important to validate the compatibility of each automatic gearbox. When these questions are answered, each online price quote is displayed.

A toll-free telephone number is linked to the company call center to prepare offline quotes. This number can be one resource used to acquire information about all inventory before quotes are granted. Every transmission specialist who takes time to answer consumer phone calls is trained and understands Chrysler technologies. The low price quotes available using this resource are meant to impress replacement gearbox buyers online. All unlimited mileage warranty coverage and shipment information is provided with each quote regardless of the process of delivery.