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A604 Transmission for Sale

The A604 design was modified in 1989 for installation into the Chrysler series of vehicles. This unit is often referred to as the 41TE or even 41AE. Each build is virtually the same except the size of the bell housing and shape. The 4-speed configuration of this unit is standard in most smaller Chrysler gearboxes. Any person who is searching online for the best price on a A604 transmission for sale will be happy with the prices found here.

Chrysler has used its technology for gearboxes in multiple brands. The U.S. market has witnessed many applications of automatic transmission builds. The Plymouth, Dodge and Chrysler brands have featured many of the A604 or later produced 41TE builds. Vehicles like Town and Country, Neon, Voyager, PT Cruiser, Grand Caravan and other vehicles have used this technology. The original build was for a V6 engine and was later modified for other vehicles.

A604 Transmission with a Full Warranty

Not all customers change oil in their transmission at specific intervals. The same is true when consumers seek out a used condition gearbox for sale online. There is no way to validate all internal quality unless a warranty is provided upon sale. Our motto for selling remanufactured Chrysler transmissions is to give the public what they want. Most consumers are very happy to get a warranty. We’ve extended the time frame to a full two years and even include an unlimited mileage package.

We’re able to place a higher quality of satisfaction on each remanufactured gearbox because of our facility engineering. All of our parts meet or exceed the OEM requirements that Chrysler has created for rebuilds. We’re able to certify each unit that is built for consumer installations. This includes a thorough inspection process. The 1995 to 2012 production of the A604 transmission series leaves us with plenty of room to supply quality gearboxes to the public.

A604 Transmission for Sale Pricing

It all comes down to the price you pay for a replacement transmission. No one wants to pay a full retail price for a gearbox. We take the same approach. We don’t need to charge high prices for a reconditioned unit in our Dodge inventory. We stick to a low price methodology. You can get a transmission rebuild from our company for less than you think. All it takes is a quote in price. You can initiate this quote here online. Fill out our easy form. We’ll quote your price immediately. You can always call our staff by our toll-free number. Let us supply you the replacement Dodge transmission you need right now.