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A4LD Transmission for Sale

Ford has had multiple firsts when producing vehicles and components in the auto industry. The original C3 transmissions introduced in 1974 helped set the pace for later development in the 1985 year for the modified A4LD. The 3-speed design of the C3 was improved with the overdrive that was pioneered by Ford Motor Company in the 1980s. The A4LD transmission for sale inventory presented to the public here includes all OEM Ford parts.

Owners of Ford Bronco II, Ranger, Aerostar, Mazda or Thunderbird have all experienced the A4LD overdrive transmission. The reconditioned units that are being sold through this resource are units built by the hands of our technicians. Nothing here is outsourced for the development of an automatic transmission. All builds that happen inside our engineering facility are what is purchased by our customer base. Buying a 4-speed transmission from a reliable source is an easy way to have peace of mind.

A4LD Gearbox with a Torque Converter

Automatic transmission users might be familiar with electronic shifting although many do not know the parts involved to make this happen. The torque converter is a mainstay in the auto transmissions being produced by automakers like Ford. Each remanufactured gearbox that is presented here for sale online includes a tested turbine and stator inside the torque converter. These are essential for correct operation. Our team is some of the most experienced workers in the replacement transmission business.

Do transmissions fail without warning? Most of the time they do not. Most vehicle owners put off the noise, slipping or other problems because of the rising costs for transmission replacements. What a rebuild offers is a guaranteed unit. The A4LD rebuilt gearboxes that are featured here all come with a guaranteed warranty program. These help create assurance and allow each owner of a vehicle to have an extended usage period. A good transmission can outlast most vehicle parts. The reconditioned Ford transmissions we’re featuring here online give value and excellent performance.

A4LD Transmission for Sale Price Quotes

You know why you came here. You’ve found the A4LD or other type of Ford gearbox needed. Now it’s time to learn the price that you’ll pay to own these units. We’re always here to help. We keep pricing at or near wholesale to help everyone. Our process of transmission quotes is offered to benefit each buyer. This is a super fast process to introduce any buyer to just how little they’ll pay to take home our automatic and manual transmissions. A quick quote request here online or a call into our customer service department will help kick start the process. Take a moment right now and contact our staff. Never overpay for a transmission when you have discount resource to go to here.