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82 Corvette Transmission Rebuilt

GM shocked the world in 1982 when the Corvette featured its first automatic transmission. The long used TH350 and TH400 series in the early 1980s was removed from the Corvette production schedule. The 700R4 was introduced as the three-speed option plus reverse to kick off the new transmission venture. All 82 Corvette transmission rebuilt inventory presented at this resource is ready to ship within the United States.

The 700R4 was a borrowed transmission from the Blazer and Jimmy vehicles released prior to the installation in 82 Vette. This upgrade to the standard edition turbo hydra-matic units was well received by some and hated by others. The success that General Motors had with vehicles like the Impala and Camaro sealed the future of the 700R4 in performance vehicles. These automatic transmissions include full torque converters with each unit offered through the Powertrain Pros company.

Remanufactured Corvette Gearboxes Online

Buyers of replacement transmissions from General Motors can be confused with the naming conventions on each unit. All gearboxes produced between 1982 and 1992 include the 700R4 codes. The units produced after 1992 include the 4L60 codes. One good thing about ordering transmissions online in rebuilt condition from this resource is the absence of part numbers. The inventory system that is promoted on this website requires no input of different part numbers. The identification of a Corvette transmission can be painstaking for some car owners.

The Corvette conversion kits that some car owners buy to upgrade their transmission can be found online. The authentic gearboxes that are rebuilt by hand in the U.S. from this resource offers an OEM installation. Buyers can choose to upgrade the transmission technology after purchase is complete. Every gearbox that is distributed to domestic buyers is complete and ready for Corvette installations or in other compatible vehicles. All gearing is checked for accuracy before shipment are complete. These units come with a full 24-month warranty plan for all customers.

700R4 Corvette Transmissions Price Quotes

The Chevrolet rebuilding strategies offered here online reduce a like-new gearbox for each customer. The price for these units is an important element to know before purchases are made. The easy quotation system located here online provides real time price delivery. This is the selected method used to inform online buyers of replacement Chevrolet transmissions of each unit price. All pricing is inclusive of warranties and other buyers incentives.

A company toll-free phone number is also used to supply transmission information. The rebuilding facilities that are used to produce the inventory sold here are packed with the latest machinery. This makes it easy for every phone support specialist to supply accurate information about remanufactured gearbox inventory. Full pricing is available when the toll-free phone number is dialed within the U.S. The phone support makes the entire research, identification and shipping process easier. All remanufactured 700R4 inventory is ready to order today.