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GM 6T75 Transmission for Sale

The 6T75 is a GM transmission co-manufactured by Ford. This 7500 GVW assembly is now a go-to build for many automobiles. The RPO code is M7V. This unit is most often found behind the 3.6L Pentastar engine series. There is a lot of secondary market demand for replacement parts that fit the rebuilt GM 6T75 transmission for sale we feature on this website.

About the 6-Gear Models

General Motors helped design the technology found in the 6T75. There are combinations of gears and clutches required for operation. Because all post 1990 units now have solenoid switches, the torque converter clutch is also controlled by electronics. The casing is constructed from a die cast aluminum polymer. This substance prevents overheating.

It is excessive heat that can ruin the inner workings of any transmission. The GM manufacturing is quite complex, but issues can always happen that require maintenance. One problem that is common with electronic controlled solenoids is the failed coil system. People who eventually purchase used 6T75 gearboxes from secondary sources should be aware of these issues.

Direct Compatibility for Installs

The discontinued brand of Pontiac vehicles was compatible with the 6R75 automatic transmission. The lines of Buick, Chevy and Cadillac made use of this unit. While the quality is above average, regular service intervals can determine longevity. Powertrain Pros chooses to remanufacture 6-speed builds to original factory specs.

The highest RPM rating is 5798 when paired with the V6 engine. This bulletin was put into place to prevent mechanical issues from happening. Consumers who adhere to these requirements can prevent costly maintenance problems. The sole reason why people choose rebuilt gearboxes is to lengthen the mechanical life. There are plenty of advantages of these units compared with preowned models on sale at junkyards nationally.

Prices for GM Reconditioned Transmissions

Major credit cards are always accepted here. This offers a super simple method of payment. Long gone are the days of writing a check and mailing it to a service center. The sophisticated equipment and professional team supplied here at PTP streamlines the ordering procedure. Nearly anyone within Internet connection can retrieve exact price details here.

The warehouse-linked computer system that we use distributes all discount prices. Someone who has trouble using the system can call us by telephone. We describe the freight costs, actual price payable and warranty terms after sale. People do save a lot of cash when ordering direct from our company.