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6T70 Transmission for Sale

The 6T70 is a GM transmission that debuted as a 6-speed assembly. There are many different RPO codes that identify this unit. Because of its use in different automobiles, the specs did change a little. The 2WD and 4WD compatibility is what makes the 6T70 transmission for sale that we sell so in demand in rebuilt form.

Specs of the 6T70 Gearbox

Casting numbers vary widely on many of the automatic gearboxes at General Motors. Since most of the internal parts are the same, people can generally swap one unit for the other without difficulty. It does take about 12 quarts of fluid to fill up a dry transmission.

The following RPO numbers identify our remanufactured versions:

– M7W
– M7U
– MY9
– MH6
– MH2
– MH4

There are between four and six solenoid pressure packs in the standard 6-speed editions. As part of our shipping quote estimate, a crated version weighs about 216 pounds.

Vehicles Using 6T70 Transmissions

All of the top brands in the year 2008 when the 6-speed was introduced utilized the automatic versions. GM did not hold back production even though Saturn and Pontiac were discontinued. The remaining GMC, Cadillac and Buick installations did continue.

The reman 6T70 will fit easily into the following vehicles:

– Terrain
– LaCrosse
– Regal
– Equinox
– Regal GS
– Outlook
– Impala
– G6
– Vue
– Aura

A vast majority of four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines are coupled in front of the GM transmissions that we sell.

Pressure Tested Rebuilt Inventory

If nothing is tested after construction, no problems would ever be diagnosed. We rebuild with our own hands. We do rely on machinery during the diagnostic phase. The things we test for do include leaks, excessive vibration, too high of temperature and shifting problems. We let our experienced technicians make the determination if our inventory is ready for retail sale.

All units with an “E” designation in the part number are the same. Most of the modern day inventory that GM builds is already electronic. The new numbering system can be kind of confusing.

Remanufactured 6T70 Prices Online

We believe in technology. It is also our belief that pricing should be kept as low as possible. Our suppliers are the only group of companies in our network of providers. This does help us work on lowering the actual build costs. We publish our prices on this website as a way to help the common customer.

Anyone can review the discounted MSRP using our computer here. There is no log-in that is required. Should a problem exist during a quote estimate, we can be called by phone. Let us take over the estimate process and get you squared away.