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6T45 Rebuilt Transmission for Sale

GM built its 6T45 transmission in the year 2008. It is known with the RPO code MH7. It is mainly used to offer a 6-speed assembly in front-wheel drive automobiles. There are three planetary gears and three clutches in the die cast aluminum housing. sells a 6T45 rebuilt transmission at a very low price online.

Electronic 6-Gear Transmission

After General Motors switched to using solenoids in 1992, all assemblies that have been built since that time use them. A series of packs are found in the 6T45. These are combined with the usage of a single plate lock-up clutch.

A group of magnets and wires controls the entire automatic 6-speed units. Failures can generally happen if a coil breaks or if the solenoid fails. This causes shifting problems between gear sets. The remanufactured GM assemblies that are provided here have zero functionality problems.

Chevy and GMC Compatibility

Saturn, Opel and GMC are just some of the subsidiaries that have made it possible for consumers to try out the 6T45 gearbox. GM continues to build and to service its electronically controlled models. DIY installations are becoming more common as regular people avoid high maintenance fees at dealerships.

These vehicles accept the reconditioned models we sell:

– Equinox
– Terrain
– Regal

We do not ship out inventory with fluid inside. This is to make certain that no leakage happens. Someone will have to fill up the transmissions with DEXRON VI. Using the correct amount will help avoid overheating and components failures. A dry assembly is what leads to parts becoming damaged.

6T45 Parts and Labor Warranty

We own our own facility. We employ the best rebuilders money can buy. Our central location does make it simple to ship out stock across the U.S. and Canada. Since we are the ones with our hands inside of every casing, a warranty policy is provided for free. People should feel very confident when shopping at PTP.

Buy Reconditioned GM Transmissions

Order from the source and save money. Paying for overpriced secondary inventory through a reseller is a just a waste. Our tools are already paid for. We pay our team a good salary. These are not reasons to inflate the MSRP price. Get a quote through our warehouse price match system here online.

There is no obligation to order. It is alright if someone just looks at our pricing. We do, however, give out great customer service. Call us by phone and sample what our business is like. An experienced auto professional will speak friendly and for as long as needed.