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6L90 Transmission Rebuilt

General Motors continues its dominance in the auto industry based on its manufacturing decisions. New transmission technologies are introduced by GM every few years. The latest technology used in gearboxes for the truck series is found in the 6L90 transmission. These six-speed editions represent one of the largest gear ratios ever produced for the consumer market. Any person can use this resource online to buy a 6L90 transmission rebuilt for a low price.

The original design of the 6L90 is based on the slightly smaller 6L80 that was created for the Cadillac vehicle series. This series features a full six gears including reverse. The ratios for this pattern were designed to work with the V8 engine designs used in most modern GM vehicles. After a successful run in the SUV series, GM implanted the 6L90 transmission into the Silverado 1500 trucks in 2009. This series remains in use and is part of the electronic controlled gearboxes in production.

Remanufactured 6L90 GM Transmissions for Sale

There are plenty of dealers selling online that market sale prices. What usually helps buyers to choose a replacement gearbox is the seller’s reputation and prices advertised. Each refurbished gearbox that is built inside the Powertrain Pros facility is double checked for OEM quality. This means that during the rebuild several performance tests are made. The new investments into rebuilding technologies made here ensure factory quality builds are distributed inside the United States.

Are GM transmissions interchangeable? Most of the units are in fact used in other vehicles. The 6L90 and its sister 6L80 are used in the Corvette, Escalade, Hummer H2, Camaro and some Holden vehicles in Australia. The factory direct pricing that is applied to the units featured in the inventory on this website makes a lot of buyers happy. The General Motors quality builds marketed in the U.S. here are fixed with immediate sale prices. Buying rebuilt transmissions that bare the GM nameplate carries a lot of responsibility. The restoration efforts that are completed here proves to all buyers that buying rebuilt is a great option.

6L90 Transmission Rebuilt Prices

All pricing can be reviewed here using the online transmission quotes system. What matters to buyers is in stock notices, quality and a good price. All of these are achieved when using the system for transmission price quotes online. Each gearbox that is built specifically for each automaker is priced accordingly. Many of the units in stock and usable in other vehicle types. Entering some basic details into the form right on this page starts the quotes process. Each person has the chance to learn pricing without making a request by phone. Researchers of transmissions can also call the toll-free number listed here for extra help. This number is linked to the customer support team who are responsible for quoting prices during regular hours of business.