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68RFE Transmission Rebuilt

The Ram 2500 was the first truck in the U.S. to feature the 6-speed transmission in 2007. Apart from the lack of a downshift gear, this model is similar in size and usability to the 545RFE assembly. Before buying a gearbox for a Ram truck, knowing what types of models are available is important. Powertrain Pros offers the 68RFE transmission rebuilt for an excellent price.

There is a total of 6 gears in the 68RFE. There are some changes to this model compared with earlier Chrysler units. A higher first gear ratio is meant for use while towing a lower speeds. A transmission control module can be used to vary the ratio of gearing. The 6-speed edition was built for direct installation with gasoline and diesel powered truck motors in the USA.

68RFE Ram Transmission: What to Know

Apart from the computer-controlled design, there were some improvements to the bell housing and the clutches of the 68RFE gearbox. Because there are now 6 total gears, there are independent clutches that are placed into the housing. This allows total control of the transmission through the control module. Programming can be accomplished through a diagnostic evaluation at most mechanic or body shops.

A dual stage hydraulic pump is used with the 68-series gearbox unlike the earlier 545RFE. There are separate filters used in this edition that is not similar to earlier Chrysler assemblies. A person who is getting ready to swap out a Ram transmission with a 6-speed automatic, should know and understand the differences. It is this understanding that will make it easier to buy a rebuilt 2500 or 3500 transmission for Ram trucks.

Cummins Ready 6-Speed Transmission

The 6.7 Cummins 12-valve motor is now quite popular in Ram 3500 trucks. The high overdrive output pairs nicely with the updated RFE gearbox. Because the 68RFE works in both gasoline and diesel trucks, there should be no confusion about compatibility. A person who is evaluating whether to swap a used unit with a remanufactured one will usually have questions.

What is means to build a Chrysler transmission is to start from the ground up and make one new again. This means changing clutches, gears, pressure plates, springs, coils or other parts that needed to be removed. A precise cleaning process will ensure that any parts not changed will resemble a new component.

Cheap Ram Truck Transmissions Rebuilt

Chrysler makes excellent auto parts as well as pickup trucks. This history is carried over into the Powertrain Pros rebuilding team. Only the top experts in the industry have been used to validate and rebuild every gearbox for sale on this website. This means that pressure testing has been conducted to ensure tight seals.

Fluid has been added during the test phase although gearboxes are not shipped with this fluid. Installations are still easier to complete because a person is working with a like-new assembly. Getting a good price, long-term warranty and favorable shipping terms is always supplied here online.