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5R55S Transmission Rebuilt for Sale

5R55S Transmission

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Ford pioneered creation of the overdrive transmission. The development of the C3 series set the pace for production of future models. Few automakers have created five-speed transmissions with top notch electronics and trend setting technology like Ford in the U.S. Powertrain Pros is a leading rebuilder of Ford Motor Company gearboxes. Buyers can find a 5R55S transmission rebuilt for sale at prices few dealers can match on the Internet. Luxury design is one of the features of the 5R55S series. The E-Series was the first option that was used in most luxury cars. The Lincoln and Jaguar were early installations where Ford tested its newly created technology. The SelectShift and non-SelectShift editions are featured for sale through this website. Vehicles like the Thunderbird, Mustang, Aviator, Falcon, Explorer and Mountaineer can be fitted with a rebuilt 5R55S gearbox.

Remanufactured 5R55S Transmission OEM Warranty

Ford parts buyers know that purchasing an OEM unit from a dealership provides a respected level of coverage. What some people find out the hard way is that most used parts can fail quickly. The Ford engineering of parts is designed to help car owners maximize use of auto parts. What restores the natural quality of a five-speed gearbox that is purchased on the secondary market is a remanufacturing process. Every 5R55S rebuild from this resource comes with its own OEM warranty. Knowing the specs of a gearbox is just the first part of the ensuring that the right fit is possible. Ford created the E series along with the standard S, N and W editions of the 5R55S. helps consumers to identify which transmission replacement is needed through a VIN number match. A rebuilding professional explores the different types available and submission of a VIN number during the ordering process. This verifies that the extract rebuilt 5R55S gearbox will fit without issues.

5R55S Transmission Problems Resolved

A person who experiences issues with a used 5R55S or comparable unit can rest assured that all problems are resolved purchasing a rebuilt edition. Great quality and care is taken to guarantee that each part is restored to its natural condition. The resolving of transmission issues comes from a talented expert who understands Ford automotive technologies. The restoration process does include cleaning, changing out parts and testing of each remanufactured auto transmission for Ford vehicles. How much are 5R55S transmissions online? A quote process is now setup on this website to answer this question for buyers. A digitized system is used to automate the entire process of price delivery. The entry of vehicle make, model and year will always produce accuracy in transmission quotes. Buying rebuilt is a time save as well as money saver in the U.S. market. A telephone ordering system is also available to purchasers to help with price information or shipping arrangements. Purchasing a remanufactured Ford transmission is simple with Powertrain Pros.

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