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5R55N Transmission Rebuilt

Ford introduced its 5R55N automatic transmission in the late 1990s. Several automobiles have since utilized this 5-speed assembly. There are some differences between the W/S/N combinations. Powertrain Pros offers 5R55N transmission rebuilt inventory for a much lower price than a dealership provides.

Solenoid-Driven Automatic

Like most auto companies, Ford now produces electronically controlled gearboxes. The choice to shift from hydraulic powered models to fully electronic was made around the 1987 year. A series of solenoid packs are installed to make sure that the right gear ratio is being utilized during operation.

The subsidiaries of Jaguar and Lincoln each promoted the use of the 5R55N in certain vehicle types. The newer technology causes less of an issue due to non-moving parts, but it does create shorts and other electrical issues.

Cars That Accept Rebuilt 5R55N Gearboxes

The emergence of the 5-speed is now dominating the automotive parts market. The extra gearing is meant to reduce stress on the motor while keeping fuel mileage in check. Someone who has not purchased a reman Ford transmission should learn about compatibility first.

The 5R55N gearbox is compatible with the following automobiles:

– Thunderbird
– Jaguar
– Lincoln LS

Most vehicles that were equipped with the V6 or V8 engine can harness the power of the 5R from Ford. Automobiles built between the late 1990s and early 2000s that use the following engines are covered:

– 3.9L V8
– 3.0L V6
– 4.0L V8

Buying a 5R55N Rebuilt: What to Know

There are couple of changes in the first editions compared with late model versions produced in global factories. The turbine shafts that are rotated by the torque converter have different sizes. The 1999 through 2002 units are a little different. The most common planetary gear combination is a 24-tooth with a 25-tooth for the pinion.

Most gearbox failures are due to poor lubrication that often leads to overheating. It is true that some parts just downright fail to operate correctly. The remanufactured 5R55N that we provide to people on this website does not have these quality issues.

Salvaged Automatic Ford Gearboxes

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