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5R55E Transmission for Sale

The thought of a 5-speed transmission for U.S vehicles was made into a reality by Ford in 1997. The creation of the 5R55E gearbox broke new ground in the Ford Motor Company family. The new series of electronic controls that are featured in this build was a major upgrade to the standard 4-speed transmission produced. Vehicles that require more torque were paired up the 5R55E gearbox. What you can find when reviewing this website is a low cost 5R55E transmission for sale.

The V6 engine engineering laid the foundation for the 5-speed gearbox. Ford used this assembly heavily in the Aerostar party because this vehicle used the 3.0 engines. The Vulcan engine builds offered the higher torque that paired well with first Ford 5-speed transmission. Later entry into the Ford Ranger popularized this build until its cease of production in 2005. Powertrain Pros specializes in locating and rebuilding Ford automotive transmissions. The luxury car, pickup truck and sport utility vehicle uses of the 55E series gearboxes is matched here.

Ford, Lincoln, Mazda and Mercury Compatibility

Some auto owners might not know the history of the 55RE gearboxes. When researching one for sale, it is helpful to know how these units were used in Ford automotive development. Aside from the truck and SUV installations, Ford used the 5-speed transmissions in other brands. The Mazda, Mercury and Lincoln divisions each featured multiple vehicles using a 5-speed gearbox design. Each remanufactured transmission that is put up for sale online here is a special build. We’re now working closer with new partners supplying our inventory with better units to build.

Where do most people find replacement transmissions? There are few resources in the U.S. that are trustworthy. Any person can buy direct from a Ford dealership. The cost will usually prevent these types of sales. Buying a preowned gearbox is a popular replacement strategy. While these are generally cheaper, what is not found is a validated quality. The recycled Ford automotive transmission units that we’re offering do offer the highest quality. The price is right. The builds are accurate.

5R55E Transmission for Sale Prices

We’re not currently posted pricing on this website. This is due to manufacturer changes. Prices go out of date for replacement transmissions quickly. We’ve updated this resource with a simple solution for locating a gearbox. Quotes are now provided using our tools online. This means that any person can enter into our quote form VIN information and gearbox type requested. What is given back is a super low transmission price. Toll-free phone calls can be made into our customer service center. These methods of locating Ford transmissions pricing are offered here.