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4T60E Transmission for Sale

4T60E is a General Motors transmission. It debuted in 1991. This was also the year that GM changed its naming scheme. The introduction of newer four-speed gearboxes was welcomed in the automotive industry. Built for a transverse mounted motor, the 4T60E transmission for sale on this page drops right in.

Standard and HD Assemblies

People searching for a replacement 4T60E will find that two versions were constructed. Each one made use of solenoids and had a powered torque converter. The real difference was the engine type that was paired up with the units. Only the 3.8L or 3800 series utilized the HD 4-speed until the production year 1997 finished.

The outdated TH125 was the unit that the 4L60 series gearboxes replaced. These are still in demand as used or refurbished in the North American auto market. Consumers buying here will only find reconditioned assemblies in our warehouse.

GM 4L60E Automatic Transmissions

The success of the turbo-hydramatic units laid the actual groundwork for all future assemblies to be built. The brands such as Chevy, Buick, Oldsmobile and Cadillac all had the updated 4-speed gearboxes installed.

Our rebuilt inventory fits the following type of vehicles:

– Fleetwood
– Seville
– Skylark
– Century
– LeSabre
– Park Avenue
– Silhouette
– Beretta
– Monte Carlo
– Bonneville
– Grand Am
– Lumina
– Venture

The overdrive inventory that we are providing is entirely rebuilt by closely following General Motors guidelines. This gives the average consumer the best choice to find OEM comparable assemblies.

Long-Term 4L60E Warranty Program

Since we are the ones who refurbish what is available, our policies for parts protection are included at no cost. There is no dealing with a third-party company after the point of sale. Our technicians, we feel, are the very best in the business. It is for this very reason why we provide a coverage package.

Buy Remanufactured 4-Speed Transmissions

Our company knows GM parts very well. We buy them. We install them. The training that is given to our specialists is amazing. Starting from the ground up, every gearbox is given special attention. Doing this work in this manner allows us to keep pricing much lower on our website.

People visiting here can always review what our prices are by entering our quotes system. There is no log-in required. The basic data about every unit is all that we need. What is in our warehouse is priced fairly and in most cases cheaply. Contact our team members by phone if using our web based format is not for you.