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4R70W Transmission Rebuilt

The early 1990s were huge development years for Ford Motor Company. The Lincoln Mark VIII was upgraded with a new V8 engine. The F-Series trucks had new engines and the Mercury brand was strong. Ford also developed the 4R70W gearbox at this time. These four-speed units can be hard to locate online. What we do is offer a 4R70W transmission rebuilt to OEM specs for a seriously low price. These rear wheel drive units are ready for instant installation.

The electronic upgrades in the 4R70W compared to the AODE units are instantly noticeable. The lower gear ratios help to improve the amount of torque during low speeds. The clutch system is improved and is controlled easier. These slight improvements have helped keep the four-speed transmissions from Ford in demand in the U.S. Our secondary market solutions to find a like-new gearbox helps many buyers. Each reconditioned unit that we sell here includes the torque converter. These automatic units are guaranteed to have flawless stators and turbines.

Automatic 4R70W Transmission with a Warranty

What can separate success from failure in the reconditioned parts industry is a good warranty. Companies that are able to stand behind products after installation usually are more successful in sales volume. Our Powertrain Pros company difference is immediately apparent after installs are completed. We give all buyers a free extended warranty for a period of 24 months. This provides a good source of unlimited mileage protection. There are now worries after an automatic gearbox installation is finished. The Ford Motor Company gearboxes that we sell give you the value you expect to find.

The 1992 to 2003 production of the Ford 4R70W has helped to keep a steady supply of units available to companies that have good resources. We’re never short on supply here. We’re building four-speed transmission units on a continuous basis. Our entire team is professional and among the most talented workers in the industry. We’re able to do all reconditioning work for Ford transmissions for sale in-house. This means we cut out any outsourced workers and pass all savings on to customers. We guarantee our torque converters and all internal components from damage.

4R70W Transmission Rebuilt Price Quotes

You can pay auction company pricing or start saving money. We’ve established our company to offer near wholesale pricing for a completely recycled unit. These are overhauled and will work just like a new unit only with a little mileage on the assembly. The price quotes that our website can generate for your are the current price we offer. You can enter your transmission details into the form we provide. If you want a faster quote, please call our toll-free number. Let our team introduce our pricing to you. Ask us anything. We’re your partner. We save you money guaranteed.