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4L60E Rebuilt Transmissions

Chevrolet has relied upon the electronic controlled transmission units since the early 1990s. The technologies used in the 4L60E and later editions are still being used today. Replacing a transmission unit can be a good or bad experience. The 4L60E rebuilt transmissions that are up for sale here online do not skimp on value. These OEM built units give the four-speed quality that GM owners of vehicles expect with a quality replacement unit.

One of the last full-time years of production for the 4L60E was in the GTO in 2006. The 4L65E took its place although many consumers can have problems finding the originals. Most of the GMC and Chevy units that are being sold from auction dealers and through classified sites are used. It is OK to buy used if that’s your intentions. The remanufacturing efforts that we’ve undertaken as a company provide lower than used prices for a completely restored GM transmission.

4L60E Transmissions for Sale Near Wholesale

Many consumers are unaware of the retail price for a replacement automotive transmission. Trying to locate pricing is always an issue for customers. Most companies hide pricing or the cost of shipping in the increased retail price. The rebuilt transmissions for sale that are currently found here in stock offer one low price. The mechanical and electronic controlled editions that we restore are priced accordingly. The new wholesale pricing we offer will get you what you need in a gearbox.

How much is a Chevrolet S10 Blazer transmission? You won’t have to ask that question after you’ve had a chance to review our pricing. Due to our wholesale pricing, you get access to the best price and don’t have to search other resources online. The recycled transmission units that we’re selling in the Chevrolet lineup are OEM quality. These restored editions are ready for an immediate install inside your vehicle. Our full warranty is offered with an unlimited amount of mileage.

4L60E Rebuilt Transmission Price Quotes

Quotes are simplistic here. You’ll never pay more than what you should. The prices are so low that many customers ask if we’re serious when sticker pricing is displayed. The team of specialists who build all units in-house help to keep the costs down. We’re able to quote any unit in stock right from this website. You have the ability to call to our service team by toll-free number. It only takes a moment to save hundreds of dollars. Instead of buying at auctions, start buying factory direct from a trusted Michigan company.