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47RE Dodge Transmissions Rebuilt

Chrysler modified the design of its original TorqueFlite transmission as a heavy-duty build when the 47RE gearbox was introduced in the Ram truck series. This unit was unique due to the rear-wheel drive placement in large trucks. This hydraulic shift control unit was meant for use with large capacity gasoline engines and diesel assemblies. The 47RE Dodge transmissions rebuilt here at Powertrain Pros provides value and consistency for parts buyers unable to find value in a preowned unit.

The 5.9 Cummins engine used in the Ram truck series required transmissions capable of long-term use. The 1989 pairing of this engine with Dodge trucks laid the foundation for the development of the 47RE gearboxes. The 1994 development of the V10 gasoline engine provided the consistency in torque for gas powered Dodge trucks. The remanufacturing process for Dodge transmissions is a precise set of procedures that must be completed correctly before a unit can be judged OEM quality.

Automatic Dodge Ram Transmissions Rebuilt

The 1996 launch of the automatic 47RE transmission introduced a new level of shifting technology in the Dodge truck brands. The bolted on overdrive is one of the changes that this build offers over the earlier TorqueFlite units used since the 1960s. The automatic gearboxes that Powertrain Pros rebuilds come complete with the torque converters intact. This provides a simple buy and drop-in solution for vehicle owners, mechanics or other buyers of remanufactured transmissions. Each rebuilt unit goes through its own level of evaluations prior to entry in the company inventory.

One addition to the rebuilt auto transmissions featured at this resource is the extended warranty. Every unit that leaves the warehouse in preparation for shipment is attached with the two-year warranty programs that features unlimited mileage. This length of warranty is often unheard of in the second hand parts market. The rebuilt Dodge inventory of gearboxes for sale on this resource are eligible for the extended warranty term. These warranties are included in the listed sale price achieved when quoting engines from this resource online.

47RE Dodge Transmissions Rebuilt Prices

The sticker price for replacement transmissions always varies depending on each retailer. The prices that distributors charge has little to do with the final selling prices that companies promote. Obtaining immediate pricing for in stock Dodge transmissions using this resource is an easy task. The quote system built on this website currently provides access to all pricing.

This pricing is requested using the tool at the top of each page. The year of a vehicle and its make are some of the criteria asked during the quotation process. Buyers who appreciate direct contact with experts in a transmission industry can call toll-free to receive pricing. These methods of gearbox price discovery help to shorten any research before transmissions are purchased and delivered.