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46RH Transmission for Sale

The 46RH refers to a Dodge automatic transmission. These units were the late model builds from the original TorqueFlite A518. While the numbering might have changed, the basic specs are very similar when compared. The 4-speed overdrive was added. These were in use with Cummins diesel motors too. Buy a rebuilt 46RH transmission for sale here and save a ton of cash.

Most of the V6 and V8 engines that were built by Dodge for use in its vehicles could accept the 46RH gearbox. The torque converter is powerful enough when combined with the natural hydraulic controls. A lock-up clutch was installed at the factory as an OEM spec. Every Dodge automatic transmission we sell here is built to Chrysler specifications.

Vehicles Compatible with 46RH Assembly

Nearly the entire subsidiary fleet of automobiles in the Chrysler family had the 46RH assembly at one time or another. The pickup truck and SUV installations were the most popular. Someone who ends up swapping a defective gearbox for one that is remanufactured here can expect the following compatibility:

– Ram
– Ramcharger
– Dakota
– Durango
– Grand Cherokee

The process to certify an assembly takes more than one person. We have a staff of rebuilders here at PTP. These individuals do the hands-on work. This can include removing older parts and then replacing them with new ones under warranty protection.

Top 46RH Gearbox Failures

There are some assemblies that last longer than others. Some automakers have a range of problems that people report. When it comes to the A518 family, there are some issues to be aware of. A person who is looking for a reman 46RH transmission has likely experienced one of the following problems:

1. Bad pressure sensor
2. Defective speed sensor
3. Slipping between gears
4. Lack of overdrive

Using the proper ATF+4 fluid is a good start when doing any repairs. For people who do not go into a mechanic or service center, it might be time to order a reconditioned unit.

Cheapest 46RH Transmission Prices

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