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45RFE Rebuilt Transmission for Sale

5r55e transmission for saleChrysler is the manufacturer of several top transmissions used in trucks and SUVs. The 45RFE is one of the builds that are used most commonly in the U.S. These real-wheel drive units feature what is known as a full electronic control mechanism. This technology was introduced in 1999 and continues to be used in more brands. The 45RFE rebuilt transmission for sale inventory on this page is ready for U.S. shipments.

The Cherokee WJ series is most commonly associated with the 45RFE editions. These four-speed automatic builds were meant for use with larger sized engines. Although the first pairing was with the Hemi and HO V8, the PowerTech compatibility with the 3.7 was also offered. The Liberty, Ram and Dakota are examples of current vehicles that still use the RFE technology in four-speed designs.

Rebuilt Chrysler Automatic Transmissions

The standard Aisin AX15 or AX 5 was replaced by the 45RFE as the go-to model in most Jeep vehicles. Although New Venture Gear editions were also used, it was the four-speed automatic editions that gained more ground in Chrysler vehicles. Purchasing a unit in fully rebuilt condition is the primary choice for most buyers. The quality issues that are found in most preowned editions are erased when units are reconditioned for sale.

The multiple planetary gears in the 45RFE Chrysler transmissions do allow more than one gear ratio and configuration. One reason that purchasing remanufactured units is now so common is the fact that these are like new builds. A person who purchases from dealership inventory can often pay five times that cost of a rebuilt automatic transmissions from Chrysler dealers.

How to Buy Chrysler 45RFE Transmissions Rebuilt

There is a simple procedure used to purchase Powertrain Pros inventory. Each method is designed for customers to benefit. The online price exploration that can be completed using this resource is quite popular. A simple request is processed through the automated quotation tool. This instantly searches the warehouse for an exact match for any Jeep or Dodge brand inventory. Prices are returned in real time to searchers.

The reconditioned transmissions inventory here is also priced over the phone. While some people appreciate anonymity, there are many buyers of parts who want personal assistance. The experts quoting prices are some of the very pros who rebuild gearboxes. Any technical questions or other information can be gained while calling to get a price quote. Each calculated price is the current price available and includes no charge same day shipments.

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