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42RE Transmission Rebuilt

The 42RH transmission is a derivative of the A500 series gearboxes used in the Dodge series of vans and trucks through the 1980s. The Ram truck series is one of the first vehicles to receive this technology known in 1989 as the 40RH. The upgrades made by Chrysler in 1996 introduced the revamped 42RE series. Buying a 42RE transmission rebuilt from this resource is simple online. Any inventory can be searched using tools on this page.

The 1993 to 2003 years were the years of experimentation for Chrysler in the Jeep series. The Grand Cherokee and Cherokee were two sport utility vehicles that utilize the four-speed technology in the 42RE. This transmission is currently out of production and was replaced by the RLE units in 2004. The remanufactured versions of this infamous Chrysler built transmission are meant to provide trusted resources for buyers in the U.S.

Rebuilt Chrysler 42RE Gearboxes with Warranties

The used units that are found from most online sellers in Chrysler builds offer little to no parts coverage. Obtaining a warranty for a previously owned Chrysler transmission can be a rarity in the second hand industry. The remanufactured solutions that are provided by the Powertrain Pros company ensures that each gearbox built here is packaged with a dedicated coverage warranty. These are designed to protect all of the internal and external parts that are applied during the recycling process.

This warranty is guaranteed to offer unlimited mileage protection for a 24-month duration. This period of time is one of the longest in the auto industry for an independent rebuilding company. Problems with the 42RE transmissions that some users of these units report online are usually due to absence of warranty protection. The complete compatibility of these transmissions with torque converters offers easy replacement options. This resource is one of the largest Chrysler transmission portals online for rebuilt editions.

42RE Transmission Rebuilt Prices

Purchasers of replacement transmissions have to make similar decisions when reviewing companies based on price. A 2WD or 4WD edition is one decision that must be made. The year of vehicle production along with the build of each vehicle is another decision. These types of decisions can be answered using the quote system on this resource. Answers to simple questions help to immediately generate every transmission price requested. All remanufactured gearboxes featured through this resource can be quoted here online.

A parts buyer who prefers to speak to a real person to receive pricing has the ability to call toll-free in the U.S. The overdrive and electronic controls are provided with the 42RE and other transmissions found here are part of the quotes package that is distributed. Any question can be answered when dialing the toll-free number listed here for support. The talented sales staff and rebuilding specialists work together to generate a low sticker price for each unit that is ready for shipment within the United States.