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41TE Transmission for Sale

Dodge is a global brand of the Chrysler company that is known mostly for its engines. Did you know that Dodge has great transmissions? Many of the units produced between 1989 and 2010 feature improvements to the original Ultradrive design. Chrysler car, truck and SUV owners likely know the quality their vehicles produce. Much of the success comes form the excellent four-speed automatic transmissions built. Powertrain Pros is able to offer all customers a 41TE transmission for sale at a super low sale price.

The Caravan was the first vehicle to receive the updated 41TE gearbox. This was originally designed for use in the V6 engine base. The luxury car division has featured these units included the LeBaron and New Yorker. The short lived Sundance and Imperial each featured the four-speed 41TE transmission. What you’ll find from our company is a perfectly rebuilt unit. These undergo all sorts of performance and pressure testing. We have to be sure that what our clients are purchasing is a like-new unit.

41TE Transmission Rebuilt Now Kit Required

There are companies that produce rebuilding kits for late model and classic edition transmissions. There is nothing wrong with upgrading a few parts. The problem is that some companies have a different definition of rebuilding than what we understand it to be. You can easily replace springs, gaskets and couplers inside of a transmission using a rebuild kit. The problem is that these are not meant to improve the longevity of the gearbox. A complete rebuild with our units means stripping each unit down and rebuilding it with authentic parts.

Each reconditioned Dodge transmission that is built here includes our own warranty plans. These are designed to provide protection against all mileage for a two-year period. You can own a transmission that you buy from an auction seller that goes out a week after install. We know that any part can fail therefore we offer our own warranties. The heavy-duty transmissions that we rebuild are meant to outlast most used units you’ll find at good prices online. Our investments into our company procedures have helped us to remain a top remanufacturing company.

41TE Transmission for Sale Price Quote

You don’t have to continue searching online to find your Dodge gearbox. We’re able to quote you a super low price right here online. We use our system for feedback to collect basic information from you. Just give us your engine details and the exact transmission you need. Don’t settle for a used Ultradrive transmission you found online. Get one rebuilt. Let our pricing shock you. If you want to call by phone, we even pay for your call nationally. We use a toll-free number to provide customer service. We’re waiting to ship your transmission right now.