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3T40 Transmission Rebuilt

Between the production years of 1980 and 2002, General Motors produced its 3-speed TH125 gearbox. Since automatic controls were preferred by car owners, the technology was basic inside of the TH class. There were 7 body styles that were created to fit with the turbo-hydramatic gearboxes. A person seeking a 3T40 transmission rebuilt will find one that is in top condition here.

General Motors did rename all of its transmissions starting in the early 1990s. Because these were so many variations of the TH builds, a new series of names were selected to make it easier for dealers to differentiate model numbers. The 3T40 was born out of the TH125 build. Since these units are discontinued and have been replaced by General Motors, the only choice a person has for replacement is a remanufactured transmission.

Torque Converter Clutch 3T40 Assemblies

The letter C that appears after some earlier 125 versions meant that a clutch system was installed. This helped vary the torque levels and the official code is TCC. The 3T40 gearbox adopted this technology as well as the all-wheel drive that was added before the 1990 year. While there are many upgrades to original models, the same GM quality and engineering are still found.

Some older transmissions have ID plates that have been scratched off. Identifying a 3T40 transmission can take a little practice. A person who knows exactly what is wrong with a defective model can easily replace an assembly with a better one. Getting the reconditioned units that are for sale at Powertrain Pros helps solve common breakdown problems in classic transmissions.

Dyno Tested 4-Speed TH Transmissions

Good testing can help give a bad transmission a good name. Since some people still put their hard earned money into buying a used transmission, smarter consumer who built refurbished gearboxes do immediately benefit. Tests performed at the rebuilding facility at make a world of difference.

From pressure testing to dyno testing, the end result that a consumer receives is a good working transmission. These units are top quality and can be thought of as a new unit. Regardless of what parts are restored or rebuilt, the lifespan is increased after reconditioning assemblies.

Best Price 3T40 Rebuilt Transmissions

It takes only a couple of seconds to find out how cheap a swap of a four-speed automatic transmission will be when using this website. The powerful tools available for free use here will determine the sale price and if shipping is offered for free. No personal information is collected when shopping for a replacement GM transmission here.