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36RH Transmission for Sale

The 36RH transmission was built by Chrysler in the 1980s. This gearbox used to be referred to as the A727. As a newly built automatic assembly, many vehicles benefited from the updated controls. Numerous automobiles and vans had the very 36RH transmission for sale inventory we sell rebuilt on this page.

Heavy-Duty 3-Speed Gearbox

Prior to the early 1990s, the most common shifting mechanism to find on a modern vehicle was a three-speed gearbox. Dodge was one of the pioneers in creating column shifting assemblies. The 36RH automatic transmission was one of the longest reigning installations in the United States.

Automobiles that accept this gearbox include:

– Diplomat
– Challenger
– Aspen
– Magnum
– Ram 1500
– Ram Charger
– Van

It is most common to find the 5.2L or higher V8 motors in use with the rebuilt 36RH assemblies here. The late-model units were installed with a three element torque converter system.

Buying Rebuilt Dodge Transmissions

For someone who has little experience buying auto parts, the process can be overwhelming. Where to buy? or Who to ask? These are the types of questions someone can ask when first starting out. Powertrain Pros is a leading rebuilder in the Midwest.

Shipping takes place from our warehouse. What is on sale is always something considered to be similar to OEM. We do the best work possible when fixing up used transmissions. The replacement of degraded parts with newer ones is what brings life back to a gearbox.

36RH Gearboxes with Warranties

When placing orders here, people get to experience just how good coverage can be. Since nothing is preowned, all parts that get installed at our factory carry the full warranty period. Consumers get the full backing of these policies at no cost. This is a much better way to purchase when being compared to a junk yard.

Getting through our order process is also simple. Our team does not need a lot of your personal information. We just need to know where you will install a reman 36RH. The shipping prices, when not free of charge, are calculated. These are based on where a delivery will take place.

Buy Reconditioned 36RH Transmissions

We start out with a quote here. Every one is granted the option of reviewing our price list. We accept multiple forms of payment. Our shipping takes place through common carriers like FedEx. It is really inexpensive to own a refurbished Dodge automatic gearbox. Give our company a try before you buy from eBay or another source.